Mobile used in casino royale

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Mobile used in casino royale tukwila casino Bond is found in a bar in Shanghai, after a quick dip in the rooftop pool, where he receives a text to his new Xperia T phone.

To make something cool, give it to someone cool. Of course, it helps that the Xperia T has a megapixel camera, 4. Bit likethen. Palms casino las vagas Swiss Army Knife of gadgetry allowed to pick locks, scan fingerprints, remote control a BMW iL and zap victims with 20, volts of electricity.

Bet Bond had some 'shocking' bills with that phone. Remember those old Cyber-Shot Sony Ericsson phones that could actually take a decent photo? Well, Mobile used in casino royale Bond — played by Daniel Craig on this occasion — owned one of the finest versions, the Ki. It came with a powerful at the time 3. Back ina car phone would've represented gambling tips video poker pinnacle of in-car technology.

While the wired in-car blower may not shoot anyone or eject them into the sky, it's clear Sylvia Trench — the first Bond girl, played by Eunice Gayson — is definitely impressed. Phone boxes were already heading the way of the dodo inbut there was just time for Q Branch to rig up this booby-trapped BT phone box before mobiles took over. Nowadays, the only people you'd be able to catch out with the airbag-rigged phone box would be plastering it with calling cards for intimate massages, or using it as a public toilet.

They deserve all they get, frankly. You might also like. Eau du smellphone, s'il vous plait. Acer reveals Ised 8 all-in-one PCs with touchscreens. Asus unveils PadFone 2. We take a look at some of his best gadget-packed blowers. Sony Xperia T Skyfall, Sony Ericsson Ki Casino Royale, Car phone From Russia With Love, Q Branch Phone box Mobile used in casino royale, The 15 best horror films on Netflix. The 10 most exciting games still to come in The 13 Ryoale Gadgets of September The 32 best podcasts of Stay on top ueed tech with Stuff in your inbox every week.

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10 best Bond cars, from ejector seat Astons to phone controlled BMWs phones of all time, it's also used to great effect within Casino Royale. Richard Branson is in Casino Royale, the first James Bond film to feature Daniel Back to the film - Richard Branson appears in Casino Royale in a cameo role. A special silver version of the Ki (also K or K) Cyber-shot camera phone was used by James Bond in Casino Royale. Daniel Craig stars as "" James Bond, the smoothest, sexiest, and most lethal agent on Her Majesty's Secret Service. The silver K and K Cyber-shot.

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